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Job Description

Job Role: Consultant

Work experience: 3 or more years

Key responsibilities:

1. Building solutions for clients with cloud integration and existing data.

2. Develop a proof of concept (POC) to demonstrate that blockchain has practical real-life applications for the company.

3. Offering risk factors and providing risk management.

4. Assess how organizations can manage their identity and handle their finances while using blockchain technology.

5. Perform an evaluation to arrive at a strategic solution according to the problem statement.

Technical and Professional Attributes:

1. In-Depth knowledge about Fundamentals of Blockchain, cryptography, P2P Networks.

2. Understanding Ethereum blockchain & DAPP architecture, familiar with Web3 and Geth is expected or Experience with configuring and deploying Hyperledger networks using Docker.

3. Experienced with different PAAS solutions offered by different cloud platforms such as Azure, AWS, etc.

4. BSC, POLYGON, CARDANO, ETH blockchain network experiences Centralized Exchanges, Liquidity solutions, OTC trading desks, Trading/matching engine, Defi platforms like Uniswap, etc.

5. Understanding of the private and public blockchain network

6. Experience in working with open-source platforms like Hyperledger, Ethereum, etc.

7. Understanding of mainstream consensus algorithms, including POW, PoS, DpoS, PBFT, Paxos, Raft, etc.

8. Experience with Git or other version control systems

  • 9. Familiarity with encryption techniques and use cases of blockchain over several industries
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