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Across logo

Data Analyst at Across

$50,000 - $120,000
Other Data Data Analysis DeFi Ethereum Open Source
28 days ago
TeraBlock logo

Full Stack Blockchain Developer at TeraBlock

$35,000 - $50,000
Full Stack Python HTML CSS
29 days ago
Numbrs Self Custody logo

Content Manager - Remote at Numbrs Self Custody

Content Manager Social Media NFT Web3 CRMS
29 days ago
stevla logo

Smart Contract Engineer at stevla

$69,000 - $180,000
Smart Contracts Developer Engineer Solidity Cairo Web3 Ethereum
29 days ago
Storm2 logo

Backend Engineer at Storm2

$120,000 - $180,000
Backend Engineer Engineer NFT Web3 Node Python Postgres
29 days ago
FANtium logo

Marketing Lead at FANtium

$60,000 - $120,000
Marketing Marketing Lead Web3 NFT
29 days ago
Chainalysis logo

[2023] Engineering Internships, Copenhagen at Chainalysis

Engineering Engineer Entry Level Internship Software Engineer
29 days ago
Zerion logo

Engineering Manager at Zerion

DeFi Remote Legal Security Developer Engineering Web3 Compliance NFT Manager Full Time
29 days ago
Parallel Consulting logo

Staff Rust Engineer at Parallel Consulting

$425,000 - $725,000
Engineer Rust TypeScript BlockChain
29 days ago logo

Head VP of SEO at

$1 - $300,000
Marketing SEO UX PR
29 days ago
Analog logo

Chief Technology Officer at Analog

$50,000 - $200,000
CTO Executive Operations Software Developer Web3
29 days ago
TabaPay logo

Client Account Manager at TabaPay

$95,000 - $105,000
Client Accounts Manager Payment FinTech
29 days ago
BetterBarter logo

Blockchain Developer with knowledge in trading cryptocurrencies at BetterBarter

$25,000 - $80,000
Blockchain Developer Engineering Engineer
29 days ago
Mojito logo

Marketing Lead at Mojito

$70,000 - $200,000
Marketing Marketing Lead Web3 NFT
29 days ago
Binance logo

Intern Strategic Finance at Binance

$34,000 - $80,000
Internship Finance Operations Research
29 days ago
SupraOracles logo

Developer Advocate at SupraOracles

$70,000 - $180,000
Developer Developer Advocate Web3 Product GitHub
29 days ago
X4 Communications logo

Marketing Manager at X4 Communications

$80,000 - $200,000
Marketing Marketing Manager Web3 DeFi
29 days ago
Binance logo

Marketing Manager Web3 at Binance

$80,000 - $200,000
Marketing Marketing Manager Web3
29 days ago
Artie logo

Creative Game Designer at Artie

$80,000 - $120,000
Game Designer Design NFT F2P
29 days ago
Offchain Labs logo

Integration Engineer at Offchain Labs

Arbitrum Engineer Ethereum Ethers.js Integration Engineer Smart Contracts Solidity Truffle TypeScript Web3
29 days ago